Wallet poker exchanger

Maybe you are one person who want to change your own poker game during the poker game. Hence, you must need a kind of advanced card changer device. Here we can offer you a best awesome poker exchanger tool. It is wallet cards exchanger which can exchanger the poker card silently and quickly. Our wallet cards exchanger is a kind of anti-poker cheating device. It means you can use it in casino game in order to keep from yourself being cheated by other professional poker players.
Working procedure:
This wallet cards exchanger just need to be put on poker table and when you are ready to exchange the cards, just only need to close the poker card near the wallet, and then the wallet will change the playing cards which you want within 0.1 second.
More advantage:
High effective working, fast exchanging poker cards and no noise. The appearance of this wallet exchanger tool is same as our normal wallet, so that others cannot find any flaw from it. Furthermore, wallet exchanger is convenient to carry. You can put it in your pocket or handbag.
Capable for many public places:
Private clubs, Omaha, magic show, casino, poker match, baccarat, Texas Holdem and so on.
Both female and male can take advantage of our wallet exchanger tool because we can custom the wallet card exchanger according to your requirement. Furthermore, there are T-shirt card exchanger, Ghost hand exchanger tool and so many card exchanger tools in our company.

  • Wallet poker exchanger that be used in Omaha poker game


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