PK king poker scanner analyzer

Which poker cheating analyzer is the new high-tech products now? Which is real convenient to use during the Texas holdem or Omaha poker. Which poker analyzer is the most efficient to work for anti poker cheating processes?
Many poker players are urged to find one type of playing cards scanner which has wide scanning range.
The Newest PK King Samsung free poker odds calculator can meet the needs. The whole set of this poker cheating device including the parts as below:
1. The all in one Samsnug poker analyzer.
2. Inner xray wide range poker scanning camera.
3. Good quality invisibile ink barcode marked cards.
4. iWatch or the spy mini earpiece for the receive the result.
5. Remote controller for controlling the players number or the poker card scanner software.
The exciting part of the pk king analyzer is the inner poker scanner, which owns wide range of the scanning distance, from 20-80 cm. And use a remote controller to control the camera lens focus. The design is very thoughtful.
It can also connect with the external playing cards scanner for your needs, like the chip tray lens camera, music box long distance poker reader.
Another point has to be mentioned is that the iWatch to get the winner result function. The iWatch can show the winning hands by the time mode. Which is the more safe way than the mini headphone.
The PK KING poker winner predictor can serve for many poker games like Texas holdem, Omaha, Baccarat, Blackjack, Andar Bahar,Seka... You can order the custom made cheating device for your own game.
With our card cheating techniques, you will be satisfied to get this poker scanning analyzer system.




  • PK KING S708 all in one scanning analyzer


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  • Content: Estimado : Soy de Perú , queria saber como comprar y cuento cuesta los lentes para poker , y como usarlos en el juego de cartas? Forma de pago ,ect Atte José Vigil
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