What is advantage of the K5 poker analyzer device

The point is not about the poker marked cards pathfinder, but the speed of the poker scanning analyzer, AKK series K5 poker analyzer solve this problem in perfect way.
As it is Samsung K5 smart phone which notable all over the world. The quality of the cellphone have distanced the device from the poker cheat device, cause this is no one would believe that the smart phone can be a poker scanning analyzer system.
The magician has been training to using the infrared contact lens to read the invisible marks which be write by the juice ink pen marker, this is kind of the way to win the poker game, and you have to remember each cards in each player hands.
What is the best device than the special lens and marked cards? The poker scaning analyzer system would be the best answear, you don't need to count the winner result yourself, but the samsung poker analyzer can scan the barcode cheat cards and analyze the winner hand itself. The things you have to do is wearing the spy earpiece inside the ear, and receiving the texas holdem or omaha game best hand result, then you can decide if you put all your money in or quit the game at present round.
You may want to know the price or operation detail for this Samsung poker winner predictor device. Just need to make a phone call to the sale representative on Luminous Marked Cards. You can know every detailed information about this anti poker cheating machine phone.


  • GS AKK K5 poker scanning analyzer system


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  • Content: How much the I phone analyzer
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  • Content: How much for infrared lens
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  • Content: Whats the price on the x ray table
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  • Content: what is theprice of marked cards
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  • Content: How much is the newest poker analyzer phone?
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