Copag Misto Saraswati card marking deck

The Copag Misto Saraswati marked playing cards can catch the Poker enthusiasts hearts due to the colorfull design, and seasoned players know that Copag juiced ink cards last longer, shuffle better, and deal so fluidly that you'll never want to play with another paper or vinyl card ever again.
For this type of back pattern design, the barcode cheat deck for the poker scanner will be recomended in priority. The invisible ink mark barcode can be detected by the high resolution scanning camera lens in fastest way, it makes the pkoer cheat analyzer can responsee for the winner result more quickly.
If there is enough room for insert some infrared poker camera inside the club or somethere, infrared ink be imprint on the Copag is also a good choice. When you hidden backside, click the monitor to suvilance the whole poke table, you will feel you are the master of the poker game.
Besides, the maked cards manufacture in China will pack the Copag deck which is brand new on surface, sealed and never used, this set is a must-have for any collector.
1. Bridge size
2. Different color for your choice
3. The invisible ink mark can be made for the infrared contact lenses or the poker cheating scaning camera to read.

  • Copag misto Saraswati card marking deck


  • Name: fdsafrdsrde2018-12-08 16:11:18IP:
  • Content: what is theprice of marked cards
  • Reply: we have sent you the offer for the marked cards by email, please check and reply.good day!
  • Name: Dami2018-11-14 15:10:24IP:
  • Content: How much is the newest poker analyzer phone?
  • Reply: thanks for your inquiry of poker analyzer device, we have sent you email for the reply.
  • Name: Simon2018-09-27 13:36:50IP:
  • Content: Hi how much the x ray contact lenses I from malaysia
  • Reply: We have sent you email for the lens, please check and reply.
  • Name: Luis2018-04-08 15:17:43IP:
  • Content: Do you have black poker scanner? how much?
  • Reply: Yes, we have black poker scanner for barcode marked cards. please advise the whatsapp for discussing the details and the best offer.
  • Name: October2018-03-15 17:19:54IP:
  • Content: What is the price of the xray contact lenses and marked cards?
  • Reply: thanks for your inquiry of lenses and marked cards, we have sent the price message on whatsapp.

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