Air condition IR camera for juice decks

It is very common for us to see the air conditioning in casino and private clubs. Here we assemble a concealable mini infrared camera inside of this air conditioning, so that this camera lens capable of scanning barcode invisible ink marked cards poker clearly and quickly. Please read the following FAQ for more information about our high-tech air conditioning IR camera.
Q: Why the air conditioning can be processed as a type of free online poker cheating software?
A: Because the air conditioning can be inserted a camera lens inside. And this camera lens poker cheating device is very easy to scan the infrared camera image, so that the poker analyzer device can receive the poker hand statistics immediately.
Q: Does the air conditioning infrared camera work with infrared marked cards?
A:Yes, the air conditioning infrared barcode scanner need to work with one to one infrared marked playing cards. If not, you cannot get any marked deck magic tricks from this poker cheating card reader. Only use the air conditioning infrared spy camera with infrared luminous ink marked cards, you can get the card tricks with marked cards.
Q: What brand of infrared marked cards can work with this playing cards cheating device?
A: Any brand of infrared marked cards poker can work with this air conditioning poker scanning camera, like Gold Fish marked decks, Kem marked playing cards, Copag juice playing cards, Bicycle marked poker cards and so on.

  • air condition spy camera for playing cards marked deck


  • Name: fdsafrdsrde2018-12-08 16:11:18IP:
  • Content: what is theprice of marked cards
  • Reply: we have sent you the offer for the marked cards by email, please check and reply.good day!
  • Name: Dami2018-11-14 15:10:24IP:
  • Content: How much is the newest poker analyzer phone?
  • Reply: thanks for your inquiry of poker analyzer device, we have sent you email for the reply.
  • Name: Simon2018-09-27 13:36:50IP:
  • Content: Hi how much the x ray contact lenses I from malaysia
  • Reply: We have sent you email for the lens, please check and reply.
  • Name: Luis2018-04-08 15:17:43IP:
  • Content: Do you have black poker scanner? how much?
  • Reply: Yes, we have black poker scanner for barcode marked cards. please advise the whatsapp for discussing the details and the best offer.
  • Name: October2018-03-15 17:19:54IP:
  • Content: What is the price of the xray contact lenses and marked cards?
  • Reply: thanks for your inquiry of lenses and marked cards, we have sent the price message on whatsapp.

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