iPhone charger lens scanning the juice code mark cards image

How to improve the poker cheating tricks of poker game is a difficult problem for not only poker players but also magicians. Luminous Marked Cards provide the wide range iPhone charger poker predictor for four side of luminous ink marked playing cards. About this cheating device, a mini size of camera lens is installed inside of it and this lens just occupy a very small space that the lens can not be found by other players. With the aid of this card cheating techniques, you will be easy to handle the all anti-poker of poker games. Intelligent camera was put inside iPhone charger in avoid of being found by other poker players.
Wide range of camera iPhone charger scanner for bar code edge marked decks can help you have a good experience in poker games. We took an extraordinary effort to focus on exploring the best long distance iPhone poker analyzers. This camera can work with the side deck of cards and poker analyzer to help you know the poker result easily.
The scanning distance of the charger camera can be 20-40cm, 50-65cm or 70-80cm. It can scan the custom clear plastic playing cards or four side of marked cards. No matter you want to use scanning camera for amusement or anti-poker activities, the iPhone charger china poker analyzers is your excellent choice. The iPhone camera also can scan the cards at the range of 360 degrees so that it is very easy to handle for you. Do not confused about selecting anti-poker tool right now as our charger scanner can help you achieve your aim of the poker games. If you want to know more details about this product, please just feel free to contact us. We believe you will be interested in the built-in camera of long distance iphone charger poker scanning lens.

  • Wide camera working range iphone charger poker scanner for barcode cheat cards


  • Name: Dami2018-11-14 15:10:24IP:
  • Content: How much is the newest poker analyzer phone?
  • Reply: thanks for your inquiry of poker analyzer device, we have sent you email for the reply.
  • Name: Simon2018-09-27 13:36:50IP:
  • Content: Hi how much the x ray contact lenses I from malaysia
  • Reply: We have sent you email for the lens, please check and reply.
  • Name: Luis2018-04-08 15:17:43IP:
  • Content: Do you have black poker scanner? how much?
  • Reply: Yes, we have black poker scanner for barcode marked cards. please advise the whatsapp for discussing the details and the best offer.
  • Name: October2018-03-15 17:19:54IP:
  • Content: What is the price of the xray contact lenses and marked cards?
  • Reply: thanks for your inquiry of lenses and marked cards, we have sent the price message on whatsapp.
  • Name: LA2017-12-27 13:14:55IP:
  • Content: HI! I need the price and estimated shipping time to Portugal, Spain or France for the magic hand. Thx.
  • Reply: we have sent your a email regarding of the magic hand poker tool.

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