Cash micro poker scanning camera

Money poker analyzer is the latest poker analyzer in the market right now. But being lack of anti-poker cheating tools in the world, we produce this cash micro poker scanner for someone who need it. The specific information of money poker scanning camera lens is as below.
1. The mini size of camera lens was put on the money that no one can find it. Because the camera lens just occupy a very small space that it is very difficult to be found by others.
2. Make the money be a good cover to scan the barcode marked cards. This poker cheating device is very hidden for user due to money is very common in our daily life. Hence, you can get rid of pressure while you playing poker game with this anti-poker cheating device.
3. With a long distance one to one Bluetooth earpiece, other players cannot hear the result except you. So this is a untold poker secret for you.
4. The scanning distance of this analyzer is 25cm to 45 cm on length and 30 cm on width. The deck of cards can be scanned on table, in hand or under sunshine. And the scanning speed is faster than other vendors’ analyzers.
5. The cash poker camera lens supports many games, such as Texas Holdem, Omaha, 2 lane flop Omaha, Seka, Indian in out game, Vietnam games and many other games in the world.
6. Cash micro poker card scanner can be custom as you wish. You just need to send us the pictures of customized item via email, Skype or WhatsApp. Then we will reply you within 12 hours.
(Notice: All of our poker devices are suitable for magic show. Do not use those poker devices for gambling. )

  • Spy poker camera chip inside cash


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  • Content: How much is the newest poker analyzer phone?
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