How to cheat at Texas Holdem with E cigarette barcode cards scanner

Electronic cigarette poker scanner is one of our newest anti-poker cheating devices in our company. There must be lots of smokers around us. So it is very common to see some people take the cigarette during their playing poker games. Of course, some magician will use this electronic cigarette poker card scanner to reach the awesome effect of magic show. A mini size of camera lens is installed inside of cigarette on a quite small position. What is more, the appearance of this cigarette scanning lens is not different with other normal real cigarette. Thus it can enhance the strength of using this card cheating equipment in poker games.
As long as you use this E-cigarette poker collusion strategy, you need to use our edge bar-code marked playing cards too. Only use this poker cheating scanner to read the deck of cards, can you know the result of poker games. The reason why you have to use the edge luminous ink marked decks is that our naked eyes can not see the infrared markings. Besides, its battery can last for long time that you can get rid of anxiety to worry about the running.
Our latest long distance E-cigarette scanning camera is a professional poker software tool and fantastic poker collusion strategy to read the edge deck of cards. This infrared camera lens can scan old sides playing barcode cards and new bar-code marked poker decks, no matter they are paper cards or plastic cards, no matter they are bridge size or poker size and regular index or Jumbo index. How to use this e-cigarette poker scanning lens for recreation with utmost excellent poker tricks? Contact our sale representative to give you the satisfied answer regarding of the e-cigarette cards scanning reader device.

  • Long scanning range e cigarette poker cheat scanning camera device


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