Bumble bee juiced deck

Bumble bee jumbo index professional marked playing cards has been one of most popular bee marked playing cards in the world. Due to its high quality and smooth touching paper cards, most of professional poker players regard these playing cards as a kind of playing cards cheating device.
Bumble bee jumbo index marked cards are available in red and blue and come with jumbo index, poker size. Both Bumble bee back marked cards juice and Bumble bee sides marked playing cards are available. We printer the invisible ink marks on those two kinds of marked deck with different position. The barcode deck of cards is printed magic marks on its four sides. While the bar-code marked poker cards is marked with ir ink on the back of decks.
No matter big marks or small marks, all we can printed the invisible ink marking on the poker cards according to your requirement. You just need to tell us your requirement about custom playing cards deck.
What’s more, the Bumble bee back poker cards should work with marked cards contact lens or luminous sunglasses. Because only use our magic glasses can you read the all marking back of marked decks. While the Bumble bee bar code deck of cards should work with poker card reader or poker scanning system.

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  • Content: What is the price of light lamp poker card scanners?
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