Playing card scanner inside amplifier

Amplifier poker scanning camera is a good anti-poker cheating poker device for poker players. The details of this poker cheating system is as follow.
Specific information:
There must be some professional poker players have used the amplifier poker camera lens during they playing poker game. A mini spy camera lens is installed in the playing cards scanner so that the lens can be hidden secretly. In this way, other players cannot find where the camera lens is it except you can see that. Furthermore, this poker cheat software should work with invisible ink bar-codes marked playing cards. Only use this scanning predictor and back marking cards, can you know the poker result accurately. This poker card scanner comes in different kinds of color and style. Whichever and whatever you like, we can meet your demands.
Custom details:
All kind of custom orders are welcome by us. We can produce original item like amplifier poker scanning camera for you as long as you consider. If you have the pictures about customized products, please do not hesitate to contact us for help and we must can offer you poker statistics programs. Then we will finish your custom order. Custom clear plastic playing cards also can be offered to you.
Terms of sales:
We do our utmost to offer you the most reliable, affordable way of shipping service. However, international delivery is highly up to the shipping policy and local customs and local duties as there are lots of poker players import anti-poker cheating devices from China. We always arrange the shipment for customer immediately once he make the payment. As for payment method, we can try our best to obey your willing.

  • Amplifier poker scanning camera is a playing cards cheating devices


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