UV marked playing decks

What is UV marked playing decks? if it means that using the UV invsible ink to apply or print on some playing cards? Luminous marked cards can give the precisely anser for the UV marking cards with invisible ink making way.

AKK poker analyzer

Akk poker analyzer is the best anti poker cheating device, cause it can detect if the poker room has the poker scanning device or any cheat scanner inside. And the best quality akk poker analyzer system is provided by the GS anti poker cheating devcie center.

Infrared marked cards

How to mark cards with an invisible luminous pen? Many poker players or magician want to compare the different of the marking the infrared marked playing cards and the UV juiced cards. After we use the infrared invsible ink to printe the cards, if we should use infrared contact lenses or the infrared poker camera to read the infrared maked playing cards? You can get more cards marking information from the marked cards pathfinder.

marked bicycle cards

Marked bicycle cards is genius products for magic cards tricks. Cause Bicycle playing cards is perfect magic tool after applying the invisible ink mark on the backside.

amplifier poker scanning camera

if you want to consult the playing cards tricks to know the best hand of the Texas holdem or Omaha poker game from a marked cards supplier, they would advise the amplifier poker scanning camera with the card mechanic techniques, which can help you to avoid be cheating by other poker analyzer device.

marked cards contact lenses

Contact lenses that can see invisible ink is not new thing, with a good quality contact lenses can make more effects when you make a magic show, or the poker lenses can also help some poker players to check the hidden luminous ink marked cards.

Baccarat predictor app for poker camera

Baccarat game is popular all over the world. If there is any poker tricks on the Baccarat game, barccarat predictor to read the luminous marked cards would be a good option. For how to use the baccarat device? You can get more instruction from the Baccarat device kit supplier.

contact lenses to read invisible ink

What is the best quality of contact lenses to read the invisibie ink which applying on the playing cards? Luminous Marked Cards sale representative can provide the best contact lenses solution for each customer, like for infrared invisible ink or UV luminous ink differently.

Samsung phone to exchange the normal playing cards

If you cannot apply your own luminous marked cards in the spot, why not try the normal playing cards tricks? the Samsung smart phone would be your good device to exchange the normal Copag playing cards and KEM playing cards within second.

luminous ink kit

What is the luminous ink kit? The absotely answer is marked cards which applying the luminous ink and the contact lenses. The luminous marked cards and lenses kit plays a important role in the magic show and anti poker cheating.